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Dentistry is constantly evolving with technological advances. Some of the advances have made the experience of undergoing a dental procedure gentle and with minimal pain.It has resulted in a significant improvement to the quality of life of people across all ages.
A few examples are-

  1. Computerized caps of Zirconia - These are of biocompatible material and highly precise in fit, which makes these caps better acceptable to the body.
  2. Veneers/ Laminates - It makes for a aesthetic appearance of teeth with minimal alteration to the tooth structure.
  3. Single visit Root Canal Treatment- is possible in many cases with the help of advanced technology and materials.
  4. Sealants and Flourides- are used for prevention of cavities especially in children.
  5. Child dental care - It is possible for children to accept dental treatment positively with minimal pain due to various materials and methods.
  6. Implants- Have made it possible to replace a single lost tooth with a single fixed option.
  7. Semi fixed Dentures- These get attached with a press button like system and make it easier to wear dentures.